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Zajazd „Wika”
Wełmin 32
Strzelce Krajeńskie 66-500
Telefon: +48 604 552 340

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The fire is burning in the fireplace. Allows you to find a good energy and the best part of themselves, and words are of good memories. Many entrusted us with their secrets, stories of his life. We can listen.

 The pace of life in the world today is reaping the rewards. Become angry, insulting, but it does not lead to anything. You can even pine forest behind the window is like a fairy tale. Near the beech forest in the heart of the reserve, spring green, autumn red to go in the color of gold. As the sky on old drawings.

 Forget about the long journey will allow a comfortable bed, and the books will give you rest the soul. Wireless Internet and satellite television will not forget about the world.