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Pod Zajazdem Wika Łazienka Fontanna w centrum Zajazdu Wika dsc06169 dsc06272 dsc06170_1 dzieciol koziolek


Zajazd „Wika”
Wełmin 32
Strzelce Krajeńskie 66-500
Telefon: +48 604 552 340

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Go to a high glacier, lamb kill, hang round on the rock for three weeks, and then eat raw with horseradish. Such is the rule left behind Henri Lautrec, the famous painter postimpresjonista. But not all artists pono.

 But it is not secret to anyone that eating together builds bonds between people. Not only is the energy to talk. The cooked food heart take his energy. Everything which is devoted to time, other gains and better value.

 After all told that you are what you eat. Worth a try delicious roast pork shank, homemade ravioli, according to the ancient recipe sour soup, goulash with a hint of true melancholy, centrilobular fragrant grandmother’s kitchen, try a big, fluffy pancake. Did you try the delicious fried perch.

 What is the recipe to make giving a lot of positive energy? Dish? Little salt, some pepper, feminine sweetness, bitterness, male, a little love, a pinch of smiles. I finished